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14ft trampoline
Great for large families with large backyards
Jump area3.60m
Max weight150kg
Frame height0.88m
Spring count96
Trampoline price$730


*Free shipping only applies for the North island, when the order includes a trampoline and safety net.
14ft Trampoline Package
14 Ft Trampoline Package
  • 14Ft Trampoline
  • 14Ft Safety Net
  • Ladder


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12ft Trampoline Package
12 Ft Trampoline Package
  • 12Ft Trampoline
  • 12Ft Safety Net
  • Ladder


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10ft Trampoline Package
10 Ft Trampoline Package
  • 10Ft Trampoline
  • 10Ft Safety Net
  • Ladder


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Quality trampolines

We are an online store specialising in providing a long lasting, quality, safe trampoline for New Zealand families to enjoy. Our trampolines and accessories are the premiere product in the market today. Produced by the largest European seller of premium trampolines, our product is second to none.

The safety net is on the inside of the springs and safety pads so your child does not accidentally jump on the safety pad covered springs. You get the safety of a springless trampoline while still having the deeper, softer bounce from the long springs not available from competitive products.

If you would like to view a Pro-Line trampoline in person please contact Springtime Trampolines.

Why buy a trampoline from us?

Pro-Line’s heavier frame with double thickness galvanized coating provides a safer, longer lasting design for the most safety conscious family. The unique enclosure design presents an attractive addition to the New Zealand backyard landscape.

Trampolines have proven to be an item that children do not outgrow. If you count the years between your youngest child and when you expect them to leave home, this is the life expectancy you need from a trampoline. With a much longer expected life than others on the market, Pro-Lines provide you with the one of the most cost effective options available.

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